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Quality enthusiasts


Research & Development


A special sensitivity in capturing trends, anticipating them, reworking them with creativity and taste, and then customising them by taking care of every detail, aesthetic and sartorial.


Mastery of craftsmanship techniques and the production potential provided by state-of-the-art machinery.

The culture of traditional materials and the search for innovative yarns with unprecedented performance.


The continuous search for technical solutions that enhance the product experience. From this mix of essential skills comes the alchemy of Pezzini products, the secret of our success.


High quality

We strive for quality in every detail and in every single step of the supply chain. The core of our offer is based on natural fibres - from organic cotton to the softest angora, from classic Filo di Scozia to viscose - together with high-performance elastomers, which guarantee the product's stability, elasticity and resistance.


Indispensable characteristics to keep the promise of long-lasting quality and create a product that surprises.

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