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"For us, attention to quality is a way of life: a choice that makes us synonymous with the highest expression of Italian hosiery design. Every detail deserves to be followed with passion and expertise. We have been working on this with enthusiasm, every day, for over 50 years."

Sergio Pezzini

Pezzini: quality through passion

Since 1965 we have been manufacturing women's, men's and children's stockings and tights in high-quality natural fibres. In over half a century of history, we have cultivated our passion for craftsmanship together with targeted investments in the latest industrial technology.

This is how we evolved from the first workshop into an international, proudly family-owned business.


Today we have more than 200 employees in our two locations: our historical headquarters in Castel Goffredo near Mantua, in the Italian hosiery district, and our factory in Brus, Serbia, in the Balkan manufacturing area. Each of our Pezzini-branded or private label products is the end result of this forward-looking, excellence-oriented vision.

Our philosophy

We have always been committed to building solid and lasting business relationships with our partners, suppliers, customers, who choose to share with us an absolute value: attention to detail and passion for quality. Much more than a stocking or tights, each Pezzini product is the guarantee of a unique sensation: that of wearing a caress on the skin.


This is the only way we are able to satisfy the most demanding customers, inspiring us every day to create a product that is pleasant to wear and display, appreciated by those who seek uncompromising quality.

Distributed brands

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